January 2023

New end-of-payment journey

Kody has introduced a new end of payment journey for merchants using the Kody payments application. This new journey includes:

  • A faster experience, with the ability to print off both printer and merchant receipt on a single screen, as opposed to via multiple screens.
  • The ability to skip printing both the merchant and shopper receipt, and tomove right onto a new payment.

On processing a payment, the you'll now be presented with the following screen:

By selecting "Repeat Payment", you can put through the same amount again, which is useful for equal bill splitting.

If you select "Done", you'll be taken back to the new payment screen.

Users can opt to either print the merchant and/or shopper receipt from this screen or opt to skip printing entirely and go directly to the new payment screen.

On a payment being declined, failed or cancelled the following pages will be displayed:

Users can retry a declined payment as well as print the merchant and/or shopper receipt.

For failed or cancelled payments, the merchant can opt to retry or return to the new payment screen.

For help and support, please feel free to contact us at any time via live chat, or by emailing us at support@kody.com