Terminal guide

💡 For assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us via live chat, email, or WhatsApp/text message on: +447400074040

For certain actions on the terminal such as configuration changes and accessing transactional data, you will require a passcode which has been set by Kody. Please ensure that you have this four-digit passcode before starting setup. Be sure to keep note of it internally, and only share it with relevant members of staff.

Getting started

Before we begin, please check to ensure that you have received the following in your onboarding pack:

  • S1F2 payment terminal
  • USB cable and power plug for charging
  • Charging base
  • Receipt paper roll

If you are missing any of these, please get in touch with us. We'll often be able to supply replacement parts the same day!

Turning on the terminal

  • Press and hold the power button on the right-hand side of the terminal until the display turns on. If your terminal's battery is depleted, you'll need to connect it to a power source to charge the battery.
  • When you first turn on the terminal after it has been powered off for a long time, it may need to update. This can take 10-30 minutes.
  • When connected to a power supply, the battery charges and an icon at the top of the display indicates the battery charge level.
Diagram showing how to turn on a KodyPay terminal

Turning off the terminal

  • Press and hold the power button on the right-hand side of the terminal until a pop-up appears. You will then be shown a set of power off options. You can try "Restart" or "Power off".

Setting up your terminal

  1. Insert a receipt roll
  • Press on the sides of the terminal's paper roll cover and open the cover
  • Place the paper roll and close the cover, making sure the paper sticks out a bit over the contactless logo
  1. Press and hold the power button which can be found on the side of the terminal keep the button pressed until the display turns on
  2. On the welcome screen, select your language
  3. Connect your terminal to the Wi-Fi
  • After selecting your language, select the arrow button which pops up
  • On the setup Wi-Fi screen, select the + sign
  • Turn on the WLAN toggle switch
  • Select a Wi-Fi network from the list
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Select ‘Ok’
  1. On the confirm store screen, double check it is your store you can verify this as the address which shows up should be your store address it will also show a unique ID which we will share with you beforehand and if the address and ID are correct select the check mark button. If it is not your store please reach out to your main contact at Kody.

Setting up your payments app

On the top-left corner of your terminal's home screen, you should see an app called ‘Payments’. Please click on the app and follow the below instructions:

One-time verification

When you first open the app, you'll need to enter a 6-digit one-time password (OTP). This will be sent to you by your Kody account manager while they take you through setup. Once sent, the OTP is valid for 15 minutes.

The KodyPay terminal setup screen

Main menu

You'll now be greeted by your payment app's main menu. To take a payment, you can tap "New Payment". To view transactions or to initiate a refund, tap "Transactions". For a mail order or telephone (MOTO) payment, tap "Manual payment".

The KodyPay terminal setup screen

Taking payments

Enter an amount

To process a payment, tap "New Payment" from your payments app's main menu. You'll be presented with a keypad to enter the amount you're looking to charge.

The KodyPay terminal payment amount entry screen

Add a tip

The customer will then be shown a set of tipping options. Once selected, they can continue to complete their card payment using contactless, chip & PIN or swipe & sign.

The KodyPay terminal setup screen

Approved payment

The KodyPay terminal setup screen

Declined payment

The KodyPay terminal setup screen

If a customer does not want a receipt, you can select ‘skip,’ and the merchant receipt will print out for your copy. You can reprint the receipt by finding the transaction in transaction history shown in the next section.

Mail order & telephone payments  (MOTO)

From the App's main menu you can select the "Manual Payment" option to begin a MOTO payment.

Enter an amount

To start a MOTO payment, you can key in a transaction amount exactly as you would if you were taking a standard payment.

The KodyPay terminal MOTO amount screen

Add a tip

Next you'll be asked if the customer has requested to add a tip to the transaction or not. To ensure that accounts remain accurate, be sure to always enter any applicable gratuities here.

The KodyPay terminal MOTO tips screen

Manual keyed entry

You'll now be prompted to ask the customer over the phone for their card details. Start with their 15/16-digit card number. You'll then be asked for their card's expiry date and 3/4-digit CVV (security number typically found on the back of their card).

The KodyPay terminal MOTO manual key entry screen

Collecting receipts

As with an in-person payment, you'll be asked if you'd like to print a customer receipt for collection later. Your merchant copy will follow next. If you need to print the receipt later, you can re-print from transaction history at any time.

The KodyPay terminal MOTO approval screen

Transaction history & refunds

Transaction list

To find your transaction history, please tap the "transactions" button on your payment app's main menu. Each time you enter the transaction area, you'll need to enter a management passcode. This is a four-digit passcode which you select. You can change this at any time by getting in touch with us.

The KodyPay terminal transaction list screen

Filtering transactions

To filter through transactions, simply tap the filter icon top-right of your screen. You can quickly filter to find transactions using the following options:

  • Transaction ID
  • Last four digits of the customer's card
  • Amount paid
  • Transaction date
The KodyPay terminal transaction filter screen

Transaction details

Tap any transaction to find out more details about it. From here, you can tap to start a receipt re-print, or a refund of the transaction.

The KodyPay terminal transaction details screen

Re-printing receipts

If you're looking to re-print for your customer's reference, tap "Shopper Receipt". If it's for internal use, tap "Merchan Receipt"

The KodyPay terminal transaction re-print screen


Kody terminals support two types of refund. First, a full refund, which will return the full amount paid by the customer. Second is a partial refund, where you can enter a portion of the transaction amount to be refunded instead.

The KodyPay terminal refund screen

Partial refunds

When processing a partial refund, you can key in the amount you'd like to refund, then tap "Continue". It's important to remember that you can only partially refund a transaction once.

The KodyPay terminal partial refund screen

Totals & end-of-day reports

Manager passcode entry

To access totals/end-of-day reports, you can tap "Totals" from your payment app's main menu. You'll be asked for your management passcode before you can see more information.

The KodyPay terminal manager passcode screen

Daily totals

Once you're in, you'll see three tabs which each represents totals for all terminals in your restaurant:

  • Current - transactions from today's date.
  • Previous - transactions from yesterday's date.
  • Custom - transactions between dates and times of your choosing.
The KodyPay terminal daily totals screen

Device information

Select settings, followed by Device info and the screen will show:

  • Model, serial number and IP address of the terminal
  • Software version that the terminal is currently using
  • The configuration version
  • Merchant account the terminal belongs too (Kody)
  • The store that the terminal is boarded to and the store address (Your store)

Updating connection settings

  1. If at any time you need to change your Wi-Fi settings please follow these steps:
  2. Select Settings and then select Network
  3. Enter your passcode
  4. Select Wi-Fi, you can now:
  • Turn Wi-Fi on or off using the WLAN toggle switch
  • Add another network as described above

3G/4G failover

If for any reason your terminal loses wifi connection the terminal can be used on a 3G/4G Network, in order to switch to 3G/4G please select:

  1. Settings
  2. Wifi
  3. Then turn the wifi toggle off and it will then connect to 3G/4G.

Having trouble?

If you cannot get the terminal to work after following the below steps, please contact your Kody account manager.

If a terminal stops working, please first try turning it off and on again, you can also remove the battery at the back of the terminal.

You can also force update the terminal if payments are failing, you will need to reach out to your Kody account manager for the admin password and select:

  1. Settings
  2. Configuration
  3. If there is an update available it will say ‘update now’ if that’s not the case please select factory reset.

Payment terminal menu

When first booting up your terminal, it's useful to know what each of the icons on-screen do.

Menu/button Description Access
KodyPay terminal settings icon Settings
  • Device info: View information about the terminal, including serial numbers, software configuration, versions and store details.
  • Network: Enable and configure network connections.
  • Config: View your terminal's installed configuration version. You can also perform updates from here.
  • Display: Adjust screen brightness.
  • Apps: Overview of the apps and certificates which are installed on the terminal. This is where you can update/install/remove apps.
"Device info" and "Display": No passcode required "Network", "Config" and "Apps": Passcode required
KodyPay terminal transaction icon Transactions Totals: View and print a transaction totals report and reset transaction totals. Passcode required for all actions
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