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Smart, data-driven loyalty.

Discover a smarter approach to loyalty using payment card profiling and data-driven insights. Personalise rewards, engage customers and grow your business.

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Automatic customer tracking

Whenever your customer spends with your business, we'll use payment data to aggregate and track usage across locations

Unrivalled insights

See where your customers shop and how to reward them best using Kody's customer insight dashboard

Dive deep

Manage all of your expenses along with your sales - directly from KodyUniverse, our all-new web portal for merchants.

Access Kody's analytics


Enhanced analytics and loyalty already comes free with Kody. Find out how you can get started today:

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How smart loyalty works


Link a loyalty scheme

If you integrate your loyalty scheme with Kody as an enterprise customer, customers can link loyalty information to their payment card(s) via your business’ app or during checkout.


Make a payment

When customers next use their payment card with your business, Kody automatically identifies the customer’s loyalty information.


Points appear in-app instantly

Most importantly, with no additional steps required. Customers can even link more payment methods to their account should they wish.

Have questions?

Got questions about Kody's analytics tools? You’ll find lots of answers here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask our team!

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How do you track my customers?

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We use lots of data points to build a customer profile for you, such as payment card signatures, issuing information, billing addresses and more. With this information about every payment made across your business, we build a strong picture of the transactions they make.

What else is the data used for?

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We make use of the same data to help protect you from fraud. We look at lots of factors to determine if a customer is likely to cause a chargeback, and pre-emptively block transactions from fraudulent actors, even if they use different payment cards.

Does it cost anything?

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Using Kody's analytics is completely free for any new or existing Kody customers. The level and depth of analytics you see depends on your Kody plan. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time to test it out too - no contracts necessary!

How is my customers' data protected?

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All customer data is securely protected by our payment processors in accordance with the UK's PECR and GDPR directives. While you can understand lots about customers using our tools, we do not give away personal information without a necessary requirement to do so. We also do not sell your customers' personal data to any third parties.

How do I set up rewards for my customers?

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For enterprise customers, Kody analytics and loyalty data can feed directly into your rewards programme, giving your customers a seamless experience without requiring a loyalty card.

How do I get started with Kody?

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If you’re already a Kody customer, analytics are enabled by default. You can upgrade your plan to access more analytics at any time. If you don’t have Kody yet, you can get started here.

Your Kody plan

You’ll get additional analytics & data insights based on your current Kody plan.

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