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Instant payouts.
Even better discounts

An all-new Business Debit card for access to instant payouts and discounts on your Kody transaction fees - seamlessly integrated with the Kody suite.

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Spend instantly

Receive access to funds from your sales instantly. No more waiting around for funds ever again.

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Be rewarded

Get discounts on your Kody transaction fees whenever you use KodyCard.

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Simple management

Manage all of your expenses along with your sales - directly from KodyUniverse, our all-new web portal for merchants.

Discounts when you spend

Get discounts on your transaction fees whenever you use KodyCard. Use our calculator to see how much you could save with our best-value plan, Kody Premium!

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How it works


Add KodyCard to your Kody account

As soon as you sign up to Kody, you’ll be automatically provided with access to KodyCard via KodyUniverse (our new global web app).


Use instant settlement to spend with your card

Whenever you make a sale, you can instantly use those funds using KodyCard rather than waiting for settlement.


Get discounts on your Kody transaction fees

Save up to 50% off of your Kody transaction fees by spending with your KodyCard.

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Try KodyCard


KodyCard already comes free with Kody. Find out how you can enroll today:

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Have questions?

Got questions about KodyCard? You’ll find lots of answers here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask our team!

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Is KodyCard a business debit or credit card?

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KodyCard is a business debit card, funded by your payout balance with Kody, meaning you can pay directly from takings made within the Kody ecosystem.

If I make a sale using KodyOrder or Kody terminals, how soon can I use those funds with KodyCard?

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As soon as you make a sale, you can use those funds instantly with KodyCard - no more waiting around for settlement!

Can I top it up?

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Merchants cannot yet top up their KodyCard balances directly. We’re working on this with Kody’s upcoming banking tools. Watch this space!

Does it cost anything?

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Using KodyCard is free for any new or existing Kody customers. In fact, it even helps you save money! Your first set of physical KodyCards will also be issued for free dependent on your Kody plan. After that, it's only £10 per additional card.

Where can I use it?

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You can use KodyCard anywhere that accepts Mastercard Business Debit cards. This should be just about everywhere that can take any form of card payments!

Where can I see my KodyCard balance and transactions?

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You can see your KodyCard balance and transactions from within the KodyUniverse (our new global merchant portal). If you have a KodyCard, simply log in and your balance will display live on the dashboard.

What rewards do I get for using KodyCard?

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Whenever you use KodyCard, you'll be earning discounts on your Kody transaction fees. To find out more, you can use our calculator above.

How do I get started with KodyCard?

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If you’re already a Kody customer, you can add KodyCard to your account by getting in touch with your sales rep at any time. Once we've enabled your card, you'll be notified via email. If you don’t have Kody yet, you can get started here.

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Built for the world’s best payment products

Fully-integrated with Kody’s world-class suite of payment products, KodyCard is the most seamless way to receive payouts.

Your Kody plan

You’ll get additional KodyCard features based on your current Kody plan.

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KodyCard not available


2 business day payouts


No discount on transaction fees




Three free cards, add more for £10/card


Immediate access to payouts via KodyCard


Up to 50% off transaction fees when you use KodyCard


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Ten free cards, add more for £10/card


Immediate access to payouts via KodyCard


Up to 50% off transaction fees when you use KodyCard



Unlimited free cards


Immediate access to payouts via KodyCard


Bespoke discount on transaction fees when you use KodyCard