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Take card payments reliably anywhere, even when the lights go out. Bring your business back into the 21st century with Kody terminals.

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Fast, modern payments

Take lightning-fast contactless, chip & PIN, swipe, MOTO and even e-wallet payments with Kody terminals. Print receipts on-demand with its built-in printer.

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Cut costs without cutting corners

Access some of the lowest transaction fees on the market thanks to Kody's acceptance rate and streamlined processes.

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Reliability you can count on

Wi-Fi down? No problem. With 4G backup, you'll always stay connected. Even in a blackout, Kody terminals can continue to take payments offline.1

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savings first?

We can save you money on your payment processing costs. Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save with Kody!

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How it works


Order your terminals

As soon as you've provided us with your details, we'll hand-deliver your terminals and get you ready to take payments within 48 hours.


Take your first payment

We'll teach your team to make contactless and chip & PIN payments effortlessly with your new Kody terminals.


Get paid the next day, automatically

Your takings are instantly added to your Kody balance. We make payouts to you every day, so your funds will arrive next-day (often the next morning).3

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Get in touch today for a demo of how Kody terminals can transform your payment acceptance.

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Have questions?

Got questions about Kody terminals? You’ll find lots of answers here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask our team!

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What does a Kody terminal do that my current terminal doesn’t?

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Kody terminals are all-digital, meaning they accept software updates for new features and payment methods over the air. They can also take payments using a mix of WiFi, 4G and even offline for short periods. As a result, we’ve found our terminals to be market-leading in reliability, support and access to new features as they release.

Can I accept Amex?

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Yes! All Kody terminals support Amex, Discover, Diners Club and JCB out of the box, with no additional fees applied as standard.

Will you force me into a yearly contract?

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No. Rather than forcing you into a contract, we believe that you’ll love our products, and want to stay with us. As a result, we don’t have any contract terms. If you don’t like any of our offerings and want to leave us, we’ll simply cancel your service at no additional cost to you.

When do I receive my takings?

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Kody pays out money via next day payments. As our banking partners are regulated by the European Central Bank, all of Kody’s payouts count as international transfers, which (depending on your business current account) may take an additional day to clear.

Can I use contactless/Apple Pay/Google Pay?

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Yes! Kody terminals have contactless technology built-in, and can take E-wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay by default. Soon, they’ll even be able to accept alternative payment methods such as Alipay, with only a software update required.

What happens if my internet goes down?

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Kody terminals use both Wifi and 4G access, so if one goes down, it will switch to the other. Even if both go down, it can store the details of customer bank cards for a short period of time, and complete the payment when the device reconnects to the internet. No more dead spots ever again!

Can you pay my current contract’s cancellation fees?

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In some circumstances, yes! If you get in touch with us here, our sales team can advise you as to whether we can assist you with cancellation fees.

How long does it take to set up Kody terminals?

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Throughout most of the year, we can go as fast as you’d like, taking only a couple of business days to deliver your kit and have you up and running. To get started with Kody terminals, simply follow this link. You’ll be invited to either talk to our sales team or to book an onboarding session right away. Once your onboarding session is complete, you’re good to go!

The entire KodyPay payment product suite

Integrated with all of your favourite payment products

Fully-integrated with Kody’s world-class suite of payment products, Kody terminals are the best way for your business to take card payments.

Your Kody plan

You’ll get additional KodyPay Terminal features based on your current KodyPay plan.

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WiFi connectivity (4G available separately)


£365 cost to replace damaged devices


1 Device free, additional devices £30/mo each




WiFi and free 4G connectivity


Free accident protection (£0 to replace)3


2 Devices free, additional devices £20/mo each


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WiFi and free 4G connectivity


Free accident protection (£0 to replace)3


3 Devices free, additional devices £15/mo each



WiFi and free 4G connectivity


Free accident protection (£0 to replace)3


Bespoke device provisioning plan